You may have seen us recently launch our brand new range of UK dedicated servers at Jolt dedicated servers range. We took pictures of the first batch of dedicated servers arriving onsite at our UK datacentre and us installing the servers in our colocation space. Pictures to tell the story are below…


Servers arriving onsite
Servers arriving onsite
Raritan server PDU
Raritan PDUs providing full metered power control to each server
Gigabit network switches
Top of rack gigabit switches (Cisco, HP)


Recycle server boxes
We recycle all datacentre waste, including server boxes
rack servers
Here are the first set of servers being installed into the rack
good server rack
A neatly cabled server rack is important for airflow. We’re proud of our handiwork here 🙂
Dedicated server close up
Close up of the servers showing public and private network links. Each server has 2 network connections.


In the last pictures you see our approach to rack cabling. For us, rack cabling HAS to be tidy. It means the airflow throughout the rack and servers remains good and helps keep the servers running cool. It also means identifying any particular server is much easier, and for this reason we also colour code the cables / wiring. The orange cables are power cables, the blue are public network and the red are private network. We’re offering a private network connection between servers for customers that run multiple dedicated servers or need a cluster. We do not charge for bandwidth / traffic costs between the servers, making it very cost effective for backups. And lastly, we use the private network connection for server initialisation. This reduces time to deploy, and we can setup servers same day (business hours)  for all new orders and generally sub < 2 hours!

We’ll take some more pictures as we deploy the second batch of servers.




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