Purchasing web hosting is not as easy as it seems. While the requirements tend to vary from one person to another, deciding and picking the ideal web host is especially tough due to the competitive nature of the industry. As such, as someone looking to buy a web hosting plan, how would you pick the web host that is best suited for your needs?

One easy method is to ask some questions before you actually purchase web hosting. This way, you can not only judge the quality of support offered by the web host you are considering, but will also be able to clarify and doubts that you may have related to web hosting in general and the concerned web host in particular.

Jolt encourages is prospective and existing customers to ask questions, so that the support team is able to answer and clear all such queries. That said, what are some of the most common hosting sales questions that the support team at Jolt comes across? This post mentions 10 of the most popular ones, along with the answers.

Top 10 Hosting Sales Questions

1. Can you tell me more about your hosting configuration?

Jolt servers use state of the art processors and hardware, such as Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620. Plus, Jolt also uses SSD drives even on the shared plans, which perform way faster than traditional drives.

2. Do you have several PHP versions on your servers?

All of Jolt’s servers run CloudLinux with PHP Selector plugin, so can easily choose from PHP 4.4 up to PHP 7.0 versions. Additionally you can also enable/disable PHP modules there, and alter other PHP values.

This, of course, is a much-needed feature. PHP 5.3 and anything older than that has reached the end of life, and thus, many users often feel the need to pick the PHP version that works best for their applications and scripts.

3. Can I use php mail() on your servers?

php mail() itself is not disabled, but there are custom ACL rules which do not allow you to send emails from default cPanel accounts (username@hostname) to external email addresses. However, you can either enable SMTP authentication in your script or CMS, or just send emails internally, i.e. to one of the email accounts which are located on the hosting server.

4. Do you create backups of my account? Are these backups just for reseller account, or for all accounts I own?

Jolt offers incremental backups on a regular basis (every other day), and these backups can be restored per your request. Such backups are created for all the accounts on the server, including resold accounts.

And it goes without saying: you are encouraged to create and download your own backups as well, for offsite storage.

5. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Obviously yes! Money-back guarantee for shared/reseller servers lasts for 45 days since the order was placed, and 30 days for VPS servers. Dedicated Servers do not have such guarantee.

6. Do you provide phone support?

We do better! You can reach the support team via Live Chat or email (either send an email to the required department, or submit a ticket via the HelpDesk. Live Chat is the perfect medium to discuss, in real time, technical difficulties, error messages and more. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7. How many emails can I send on shared/reseller servers? Are there any limits on VPS and Dedicated Servers?

You can send up to 200 emails per hour per domain on shared and reseller servers. But it’s recommended to send approximately 180 emails per hour, since some of them may be rejected/timed out, and there will be new attempts to send it.

You will have full root access to VPS or Dedicated Server, so you can set any limit of hourly emails, or disable the limit at all. Disabling the limit is not recommended, since in case there are any malicious script/injections, or the email account password gets intercepted, your server will not stop spam till you notice it, and your IP is more likely to be blacklisted in such cases.

8. Are my accounts safe on shared/reseller servers?

Jolt uses the latest versions of server-side software, and in case there are any vulnerabilities found and announced, the required patches are applied at once. Additionally, there are 2 different antiviruses on all the servers — one is the standard cPanel antivirus (clamscan), and the other one is a proprietary antivirus (CXS) which, apart from being able to perform manual or scheduled checks, monitors the server in the real time and checks all files which are uploaded or changed at once. Information related to fingerprints of new viruses gets to the CXS database very quickly, so you can be assured that Jolt takes security very seriously.

9. Will you transfer my web sites from another hosting provider? Is it free, or will you charge me for it?

Jolt can transfer up to 50 accounts from another provider, and it is totally free, no charges for it.

Not that, however, the transfers refer to only cPanel to cPanel transfers, and if your existing account elsewhere is on a different hosting panel, the free transfer will not apply.

10. Can I create rDNS records for my IPs?

You will not be able to create rDNS records for your IPs. However, the Jolt support team can do it for you on your request. You should also note that rDNS records can be created only in case you use a dedicated IP on shared/reseller server, or this IP is assigned to your VPS/Dedicated Server.

Well, those are the ten most popular hosting sales questions that Jolt gets. Got a question or doubt of your own? Feel free to get in touch with the Jolt Support Team!

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