Looking For UK Web Hosting? Best Hosting Is Jolt!

We’ve been doing internet marketing, affiliate marketing and search engine opiimisation since 1999 and as a result have used a number of hosting companies over the years, to host our clients’ and our own web sites. We have had some appalling experiences in the past, with other companies.

We were lucky enough to come across JOLT.co.uk some years ago and have never looked back. We have always found JOLT.co.uk to be very friendly, helpful and professional. Their servers are fast and reliable and we rarely, if ever, experience any downtime. Apart from their highly competitive prices, their support is ALWAYS available.

We have never waited longer than a couple of minutes for a tech to answer our questions on online chat – no matter what time of day! How many other web hosting companies offer that level of support? This level of support response is priceless when you have an issue that needs resolving quickly.