Outage Outrage: The True Cost of Tech Giant Downtime

Tech giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook and Amazon earn a ton of money, and it’s by no means a secret. Facebook, as a quick example, generated $9.32 billion dollars in revenue last quarter (that’s £7.2 billion smackers for us Brits!).

With the internet as their primary source of sales, it’s incredibly important to keep their websites up and running at all times. But things don’t always work out: Back in 2013, e-retailer Amazon went down for 40 or so minutes, costing the company upwards of $4.8 million dollars!

Here at Jolt, we’ve taken the most recent quarterly income reports for 2017 and calculated exactly how much these tech giants really make. We’ve also estimated how much cash they’d stand to lose if faced with a 5-minute sitewide outage.

To top it all off, Jolt has looked into what could have been purchased with all the lost cash. From first-class flights to Hawaii and travels around the globe, to expensive cars and luxurious suites! Make sure you check out our infographic below for a taste of some outage outrage!