This enabled us to focus on what we do best: delivering web hosting to the UK, Europe and global audience from our UK datacentre. The ingredients we use to deliver hosting and cloud are quite simple but often overlooked by other providers looking to squeeze margins just to boost profits. We take a different view of long-term profitability with the customer coming first, always.

We get asked frequently if we are related to Jolt, the former game server hosting company. We’re not, although our team does fondly remember the low ping Jolt gameservers! And we’re proud to use the Jolt name as our brand.

How many other Web Hosting About Us pages have you browsed through?

Have most of these pages told you about how good the hosting service is?

Have these About Us pages laid thick on the sales material on just why you should choose that particular hosting company?

We thought so! And as a result, our about us page is a little bit different.


  • We are not the cheapest web hosting service around
  • Our prices are fair and sensible. They allow us to invest in the latest server and network hardware/technology, delivering faster and more reliable services to you fill our servers to sensible levels and not overcrowd with too many customers, causing service degradation
  • Be a profitable company enabling us to pay our bills, grow and be financially stable! (How many hosts do you know that disappeared overnight?)
  • Invest in and run a great team, delivering true 24×7 support staffed by real people that care about you – our customers – success
  • We like to grow with our customers. Nothing makes us happier seeing a customer partner with Jolt at the start of their online journey and work with us (and often their webmaster, developers, marketers and more) in building a really successful online business or website. We have many success stories like this which really thrill us. We’d love for you to be the next.
  • We buy our customers Christmas presents. OK, not everyone received a Christmas present this year but we picked a number of customers at random and sent then some tasty cheese and wine. We do this each year and throughout the year, we like to surprise our customers with a gift, a friendly out-reach email to check everything is running smoothly (if you’re hosting with a competitor, how often do they reach out to you?!)
  • We’re independently owned by our team, answerable only to ourselves and you – our customers. We are not part of a larger group of companies and are fiercely independent.
© 2024 Jolt, a Freethought Group company encompassing Jolt, Freethought Internet, and Freethought Services. Jolt is a trading name of Host Lincoln Limited (06111631) registered in England and Wales at Halifax House, 30-34 George Street, Hull, HU1 3AJ. Freethought® and the Freethought face are registered trademarks.
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