Transfer from Heart Internet or other hosts

Suffering from downtime or poor service? We understand. Many of’s customers are refugees from other hosting companies and are looking for a long-term, reliable partner who delivers good service day-in, day out.

We will assist you from start to finish with a migration from another web host. We do hundreds of transfers per month so are very experienced at migrations with minimal fuss and downtime. Our customers usually prefer us to do the migration overnight so when they wake up, their hosting is already on Jolt’s servers. We’re happy to do this, or at a time convenient to you…. just let us know!

1. Choose your Jolt Reseller Hosting plan and sign up
2. Submit a Helpdesk Ticket advising us of a suitable time window to move your accounts. We’ll ask for some information to simplify the transfer
3. Provide us with your Heart Internet account login details through our Secure Helpdesk
4. We’ll move your sites over seamlessly. We do pre and post transfer checks to ensure everything transfers over intact
5. We offer industry leading but standard tools includingWebHostManager as your Reseller Control Panel, cPanel for each account you create, WHMCS to manage and bill your clients and more. We also offer Domain Names and SSL Certificates at low rates. This means no vendor-lock in to proprietary tools should you move on in future.

Here’s a recent review from a customer who migrated over:

Having been a re-seller with Heart internet for many years i was getting fed up of all the down time of my clients websites for one reason or another.
Due to this i made a decision, i needed to change.
I was worried on how i was going to migrate all of my clients websites without causing further disruption,not to mention their email accounts.
Well,here is where Jolt came to the rescue.
Having read the so many reviews,not just on jolts website but independent reviews as well and finding such good positive things been said my mind was made up so i took the plunge and created a re-sellers account.
Why Jolt and not anyone else, well the price for what you get is hard to believe but advertised was their help in migration from heart internet without any disruption, was a game changer for me – and a free service this was.
Also advertised was their commitment within their support via a ticket system or live chat.
Been a new customer of Jolt i have used both methods extensively and i am ever so grateful for all their very fast reply’s and help.
Yes the websites transfers over from heart internet was how they said it would be.It was amazingly smooth,they did all the legwork,gave fantastic support through out.
Would i recommend Jolt to anyone,well i very rarely write reviews but jolt deserve the praise i give.
Did i mention they use ssd drives which makes for a faster loading website.
Many thanks Jolt for been there when i was at a loss with heart internet and a massive thanks goes out to all your employees who was involved in helping me through the transition.
Jolt are a credit to the industry.”
This client asked not to be named as they white-label our hosting and offer their own. However, you can see this review and other real, unedited reviews

Benefits of Migrating Reseller Hosting to Jolt

  • Uptime. Consistently reliable uptime, 365 days a year with a minimum of 99.99% guaranteed each month. Uptime is usually 100% and has been 100% for 2019 so far
  • Server Performance. Fast, Xeon servers with SSD Disks deliver fast website load speeds day and night. We do not overload our servers.
  • Customer Support. Friendly, helpful in-house customer service to help you, when you need it. Live Chat is instant and fast!
  • UK DatacentreUK ServersUK Business. If you hadn’t guessed, we are a UK business and proud of it :)
  • WordPress Optimised and WordPress friendly. Over 45% of our customers use WordPress.
  • All the Reseller Tools you need. cPanel, WHMCS, WebHostManager and Domains/SSLs
  • Money Back Guarantee. In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied, we’ll refund you 100% of your money within the first 45 days