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How fast our hosting is?

Download the following files or traceroute to this IP address. We’re proud our hosting is the fastest in the UK;

Midlands Datacentre (Nottingham) – File Download Speed Test(download)

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London Datacentre (North London) – File Download Speed Test(download)

IP to Traceroute:

The Significance

Of A UK Datacentre

We at Jolt are incredibly proud to boast our Tier IV datacentre, which provides blistering UK speeds. But what significance does a UK datacentre entail? A vast majority of UK datacentres are located in London. It has been argued that London poses many flaws such as a 20 year flood plain, risks of terrorism and power deficiencies. Jolt’s datacentre is located in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Our Newark datacentre features two data halls totalling 8000 square feet and 200 racks of capacity. These racks are arranged in a hot/cold aisle set up within individual pods to keep servers running at optimal temperatures. The datacentre features a redundant network with multiple fully 10 Gigabit links to London and Manchester.


And Efficiency

Jolt currently host the fastest and most reliable Tier IV data centre in the UK. Located in close to Nottingham in the Midlands, our data centre through Timico is ideally situated in a secure environment with physical access to London through excellent transport routes. The location proves far more cost effective than London alternatives and is built to a much higher spec.

The network itself is a multiple 10Gbps, connecting to many such networks that include connectivity to BT, Virgin, Three UK, K-Com, Cable & Wireless, Lonap plus many more.

All of our UK servers are housed in our UK datacentre.

24/7 Security

And Support

It’s one thing having the technology, another having an impeccable customer service. However, what protection is provided with our UK datacentre and what assurances do you have? To begin with, our datacentre is fully operational with the best certified engineers as well as a high performing security team. These highly sought after professionals offer peace of mind by providing a full service that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The premises comprise of perimeter fencing with key card access, while the data halls can only be accessed with dual method biometric and key card access. Also, the datacentre is fully monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

The network operates at full redundancy, with the core running on Juniper MX and the access layer implementing Juniper and Cisco, fully monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing end-to-end network reporting and with a highly reliable 99.99% core network availability.

As part of the Timico Newark HQ network, our network has expanded connectivity to BT, Virgin, Three UK, K-Com, Cable & Wireless, Lonap and many more.

From a security perspective, the data centre can only be accessed with the appropriate credentials. These comprise of key cards and biometric fingerprint access and the perimeter is fully secured with security fencing, only accessible through an access controlled gate.

More importantly, the site is monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV – the data of which is stored both on-site and externally, an on-site manned security desk in addition to frequent internal and external patrols. The datacentre is staffed by fully qualified engineers, 24×7.

A Green


Jolt take pride in being a green company, frequently addressing our carbon footprint and how we affect the environment. As a sponsor of The Woodland Trust, we only use facilities that comply with our own green ethics.

Our UK datacentre located in Nottingham is a purpose-built facility comprising cold aisle containment cooling systems as standard, VESDA fire detection and a suppression system, plus an energy efficient dedicated power sub-station. The cooling system in particular features low level power consumption to a Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.2 – meaning our carbon footprint is further reduced.

Our data centre choice is also very much in line with our green policies – notably cold aisle containment that contributes to a Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.2, VESDA air sampling for fire detection and suppression, as well as raised heavy duty flooring that is elevated by 60cm to boost airflow surrounding the cabling.

To draw upon our reputation of having lightening fast speeds, our data centre is connected to a high speed national MPLS QoA capable, 21CN enabled network – integrated with exchanges located in London Docklands, Fareham, Manchester and Milton Keynes.

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