Brief DescriptionWe look after the data centre environment and your server hardware, you look after your server software.We proactively monitor datacenter environment, server hardware and common server software, notify you in case of any issues and solve the issues. We also service your custom-built software and custom software stacks on your request on best-effort basis.
Service package priceIncluded by defaultBase management package, 5 hours of engineer’s time included – £35/mo Engineer’s time overage – £30/hr
Initial setupOperating System of your choice installed. Custom partitions are available.Operating System of your choice installed. Custom partitions are available.
Hardware managementHardware monitored and managed. Faulty hardware replaced by us.Hardware monitored and managed. Faulty hardware replaced by us.
Operating System configurationOperating System is tuned and secured to industry best practices after installation.
Core OS and core software services management*Important services monitored and managed, including web server, database server, ftp server, email server and remote access server. If a service fails, our monitoring will notify us and we will resolve this without your intervention. Operating System malfunctions are diagnosed and rectified by us.
Additional software installation and management**Additional software is installed and configured according to your custom specifications. Software malfunctions are proactively dealt with.
Software updatesCore system software is checked and updated by automated software management system on regular basis. Custom software stacks are updated on your request, or proactively in case of critical security/compatibility issues.
Security measuresFirewall setup, optimized in accordance with industry’s best practices; background server level intrusion prevention system deployment, on-demand server security audit.
Consultancy on software and hardwareWe work with you to recommend the best software or hardware solution.

* Core software services include:

  • Web Server – Apache (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD) / Internet Information Server (Microsoft)
  • Database Server – MySQL (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD/Microsoft)
  • Email Server – Exim, Dovecot, Sendmail (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD)
  • FTP Server – PureFTP, ProFTP (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD)
  • Remote Access Server – OpenSSH (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD) / Microsoft Remote Access (Microsoft)

** Due to the vast amount of different software available on the internet, some of the support for less common software or software with limited documentation, will be “best effort”. This means that we will research the software in question and support it to the best of our ability, but in rare cases we may be unable to configure it to your specific requirements.

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