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SMF is open source so both free to use and frequently updated by an active community

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Simple in design, but powerful when applied, SMF is an excellent choice for your bulletin board/forum requirements. Installing SMF is incredibly easy as it is all done for you with our 1-click install.

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Once installed, you will see why many people opt to use SMF as their bulletin board of choice. Benefits and features include the following:

Advanced user management

SEO friendly


Anti-spam and Captcha

Assign moderator team

Unlimited sub-level forums

User tracking and statistics

Theming and templating available

User Management, Moderation and Security

As with any decent forum, there is a need for tight user management while maintaining complete control. Fortunately, SMF does just that. All users are required to complete the registration process in order to frequent the forum. On sign up, they must agree to the forum terms and complete any custom registration fields that you may set.

Administrators can implement a dedicated moderation team. Moderators have the ability to edit, delete, hide and merge topics, warn members and even ban them if applicable. With the warning option, moderators can put certain members on a watch list of sorts so that other moderators can monitor their actions.

Security is paramount with forum based software and SMF is no exception. Certain actions are time and IP locked as are login attempts – protecting both yourself and your users from any malicious intent. SMF also comes with spam filtering and captcha. The native spam filtering prevents any unauthorised “bots” completing the registration process.

Simple Posting and Profiles for Users

Posting new threads and replying to topics is very user friendly for your user base. There is the option to add a WYSIWYG editor for adding posts, spell check, an optional time period for users to amend their posts and options for quick replies.

Users have the ability to edit their profile. Through their profile they can customise information about themselves, upload an avatar, hide their email address from public displays and even login via invisible mode for those looking to remain anonymous.

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