Looking for Reseller Hosting in the UK?

If you are looking for cPanel and WebHostManager Reseller Hosting from a UK company, with a UK datacentre and UK servers then look no further. Jolt is an established hosting provider that’s offered quality, reliable and secure reseller hosting since 2007.

With the advent of Brexit, GDPR and more, we understand the importance of wanting to work with a UK hosting company. We are registered in the UK (Company Number: 06111631) and run all of our hosting servers and infrastructure from a two datacentres, one close to Nottingham and another in North London.

Our network with connectivity from Virgin Media, BT, Cable & Wireless, Level3 and Colt delivers blazing fast speeds across all of the UK, mainland Europe and Worldwide.

We offer a variety of reseller hosting (and other types of hosting packages) to suit whatever your hosting needs might be. You can find out more about each of these types of hosting at the following links.

Reseller Hosting on our UK Cloud

Jolt is not a reseller. We have our own co-location suite our Midlands datacentre and our own racks in our London datacentre. We own, operate and maintain our network, servers, cloud infrastructure, storage and more. Our friendly team takes great pride in helping customers succeed and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Bank Holidays.

Have questions? Get in touch! Our Live Support is available around the clock where you get near-instant replies. Alternatively, drop us an email to sales@jolt.co.uk and we’ll reply within the hour.

How to get started with Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is designed for customers looking to host multiple websites for a single monthly fee

  • These might be websites of your own, if you manage and maintain several websites. You can use Reseller Hosting to host all of your accounts in a single reseller account, saving you money by not having to pay for multiple hosting plans
  • You might be a designer, a developer or a marketer that has some websites of your own as well as some websites for customers that you look after. Reseller Hosting is fully white label so if you choose, your own customers will never know that you are a reseller
  • You might be a webmaster or web professional who likes having a Reseller Account to launch and setup new hosting/websites as you work on new projects and launch new ideas. Again, reseller hosting is perfect for this

With Jolt, we offer cPanel and WebHostManager which is the industry leading platform for shared and reseller hosting

  • WebHostManager is your reseller control panel. Through WHM, you can create, modify and manage all of your accounts
  • cPanel is the account level control panel. Each and every account you create through WHM gets its own cPanel account with a unique login, making it suitable for different websites

Jolt goes a step further and offers a number of tools to make your journey as a reseller easy and pain-free

  • WHMCS is billing software allowing you to charge and invoice your customers. Its ideal for hosting, design services, one time invoices and more. Further, WHMCS integrates with WebHostManager for easy account management
  • We offer Domain Names and SSL Certificates for you and your clients use at attractive prices
  • We also include pro backups and other web tools to make your life easier
  • We assign you a large “chunk” of resources – disk space, bandwidth and CPU power that covers your entire account. Accounts you create use some of these resources and you can oversell (we only look at actual usage)

Getting started is simple and easy

  1. Choose the right reseller plan for you. Many of our customers start with the cheapest plan and upgrade as they grow. You can view all of the plans at https://www.jolt.co.uk/reseller-hosting/. We offer 60% off your first year, as well as our 45 day money back guarantee.
  2. Sign up securely with us. Your account will be provisioned instantly, and you’ll have the login details emailed to you securely within 3 minutes. You will be asked to choose a main domain as you sign up; this can always be changed later.
  3. Login to WebHostManager. If its your first time using it, familiarise yourself with it and its features. Try Creating a New Account then logging into that new account’s cPanel
  4. Decide whether you want to use Jolt’s anonymous nameservers, or setup your own. You’ll use these nameservers when registering a new domain. You can choose in WebHostManager and our Live Support can guide you if you need help
  5. Create or transfer your first real account with a full domain, pointed to the nameservers you wish to use. Try upload content, install WordPress through cPanel or more. Note, if its a transfer from a competitor, we’ll be happy to help
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Our servers are ultra-reliable so your hosting will always be up and there when you need it. You can create accounts as you need, modify, manage and remove them too