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Through the click of a simple button,’s simple 1-click install, Coppermine can be up and running within minutes, leaving you ample time to configure how you would like to display your image collection rather than spend excessive time installing numerous installers and scripts.

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Categories, Albums and User Management

One of the many advantages of using Coppermine is that there are not any limitations to the amount of images that you can upload. Once your libraries begin to amass, your images can be easily organised through categories and albums – all of which supported and managed by the MySQL backend database.

You can add individual descriptions and thumbnails to each of your images, as can other users, providing they have the appropriate credentials. These can then be viewed and organised appropriately in the form of slideshows where required and managed in the form of thumbnails, medium and large sized images.

Multiple users can be managed into groups or privately allocated as an individual with certain permissions. These permissions include the ability to comment, upload files to public albums or even have their own personal albums.

Coppermine also has the ability to integrate with other existing Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla!, forums such as phpBB and many more. With this added flexibility, you can really showcase your images – benefitting from the power of Coppermine, but also complemented by software you may be more familiar with.

Just some of the benefits of Coppermine hosting with

Easy installation

Database management via MySQL

Integrate with existing platforms

Organise into categories and albums

User management

Password protection for albums

Captcha, Akismet and spam filtering

Clickable image tag search

As with most open source solutions, Coppermine is customisable in terms of appearance. There are pre-installed user selectable themes in addition to community based submissions. Alternatively, there are options for customising the appearance of Coppermine by directly manipulating the code. Said code is written in PHP with MySQl with the GD library.

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