The Price of Memory

It’s hard to contemplate the rate at which technology is evolving in modern times. Where your phone used to be the size of a brick and could just about make a call, today we carry what is essentially a mini computer in our pockets.

In an issue of the Creative Computing magazine in 1981 they predicted “The cost of 128 kilobytes of memory will one day fall below $100” while they were completely correct I doubt even they could have predicted the rapid speed at which the price per byte has fallen to where it currently lies.

Well we thought we would look back over the past four decades and see exactly how far the price of both Hard drive and RAM space has decreased. Where getting your hand on a terabyte of memory would have once cost you the same amount as the Playboy mansion you can know buy one of the equivalent of a meal out.

Evolution of Robots in Film Infographic

Robots have fascinated film-makers for generations, from the days of silent films to the modern blockbusting Hollywood films of today. Where once long ago they were merely a plot device or fictional idea in a scriptwriters story, today robots in reality are becoming more and more advanced. Major robotic competitions are often held, with one of the biggest and best being the incredible World Robot Olympiad. This year the event is being held in Sochi, Russia and promises to be an exciting event.

Inspired by the WRO, our infographic celebrates our love of robots at Jolt, looking at 30 different robots stretching right across the decades. From the silent streets of Metropolis, which were the stomping grounds of false Maria, right up to the Jaeger warriors of Pacific Rim, protecting the planet from the portal crashing Kaijus.

Humans have always been obsessed by robots. Perhaps because when we create and build them, it showcases the best that human ingenuity has to offer. They can also be the things of nightmares, the terrifying prospect of a machine that has no emotion and is without reason that is suddenly hunting us down.

Either way, we at Jolt love any film containing a good robot, or an evil one for that matter! So here’s to another 100 years of robots in film (if they haven’t wiped all of us out by then).

Evolution of Robots in Film infographic

Top 10 Hosting Sales Questions

Purchasing web hosting is not as easy as it seems. While the requirements tend to vary from one person to another, deciding and picking the ideal web host is especially tough due to the competitive nature of the industry. As such, as someone looking to buy a web hosting plan, how would you pick the web host that is best suited for your needs?

One easy method is to ask some questions before you actually purchase web hosting. This way, you can not only judge the quality of support offered by the web host you are considering, but will also be able to clarify and doubts that you may have related to web hosting in general and the concerned web host in particular. Continue reading “Top 10 Hosting Sales Questions”

Getting Started With Reseller Hosting

If you are familiar with the basic plans offered in the world of web hosting, you might have come across the term Reseller Hosting. In simple words, reseller hosting is when you purchase hosting from a parent firm, and then resell that hosting space to your own clients.

Of course, the “reselling” is not the only usage of such web hosting plans. If you have multiple websites, either your own or those of your friends and clients, you can still opt for a reseller hosting package and host each site in its own control panel. Continue reading “Getting Started With Reseller Hosting”

Are Master Reseller Plans Worth The Money?

Nowadays, reseller hosting has become a fairly common concept in the world of web hosting. Many users rely on reseller packages for starting their own web hosting businesses — it is fairly simple, as all you have to do is handle billing and provide support to your clients, with your own web hosting company handling issues such as server monitoring, uptime and maintenance, etc.

Even if you do not wish to run a reseller web hosting business, reseller hosting is an ideal pick if you have multiple websites to take care of. Each website gets its own control panel and share of resources in a reseller package, such that the issues faced by one website — compromised scripts, traffic hike or anything else — are not faced by the other websites on the account.

That said, there is another concept that is being projected of late as a viable choice in this field: master reseller web hosting.

What is it all about? And is master reseller hosting worth the trouble? In this article, we seek answers to these questions. Continue reading “Are Master Reseller Plans Worth The Money?”