• Security Tips For WordPress Websites

    WordPress Security

    Posted on 01 Feb 2016 by Sufyan bin Uzayr

    WordPress is used by millions of users around the world to build their websites and blogs, owing to its simplicity and ease of use. On account of its popularity, WordPress has often been the target of many malicious attacks, and WordPress w...read more

  • How To Install WordPress On Your Jolt Account


    Posted on 26 Jan 2016 by Sufyan bin Uzayr

    WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System. In fact, while it began as a simple blogging tool, WordPress can now be used to create virtually any nature of website, be it a blog, a portfolio, or even a magazine or ...read more

  • WordPress 3.8 has been released!

    Posted on 16 Dec 2013 by Adam O

    Many of our web hosting clients use WordPress for their blog, and many others also use it as a CMS (Content Management Platform) for their personal/company website as the interface supports custom “themes”, through which the use...read more

  • Announcing Bloggade 2013

    Posted on 06 Aug 2013 by David

    We’re delighted to announce Bloggade 2013! We’re holding a WordPress focused event in conjunction with our UK datacentre, Timico and some of the Jolt ambassadors. You can read about the event in full at http://bloggade2013....read more

  • London Bloggers Event – July 1st

    Posted on 02 Jul 2013 by David

    You may have noticed we’ve been at more events, meetups and conferences over the past year or so. We’re written about several on our blog and often use and update our social media channels while we’re at the event itself. ...read more